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Build YOUR Daily Practice

cherry blossoms

As Spring settles in around us and I return from a few weeks of chaotic traveling. I am always grateful to come home. But I had the most heartfelt sense of gratitude the first day back to the teacher’s mat at Namaste Studios upon my return from being away. I cannot express how rewarding it is to share this practice with you. Thank you.

Some of you may be following Life’sWork Yoga FaceBook page, and if so, you may even be participating in the Spring 30-Day Challenge to Build your Daily practice. It has been such an adventure for me to put this video series together. It’s a simple enough format: Breathe. Move. Rest. EVERY DAY.

Each day I’ve been thinking about YOU and striving to find just the right combination of support and challenge to encourage you to breathe, move & rest on a daily basis.  It sounds simple enough, but really cultivating commitment and discipline to show up for ourselves is a BIG DEAL. Each day, I guide you through a series of intentions and postures, adding one minute to each day’s practice to build what I consider a “complete” practice. Maintaining mobility and building consistency is the goal. There is a lot of room for creativity but an equal amount of space for adaptation and accommodation for high energy or low energy days.If you’ve been following along with this: CONGRATULATIONS! And Thank you!  If you’ve missed it, its not too late to #beginagain!

This idea of guiding you to build a daily practice is founded on my personal practice. Having a personal, daily practice is NOT meant to replace our studio or community practice but rather one supports the other. I find a nice balance of independent autonomy and cooperative guidance keeps my inspiration alive. In fact, my daily practice has been a HUGE part of my over-all wellness strategy and a big part of creating (and honoring) my daily priority for intentional self-care. I am absolutely convinced that by making my practice a priority every day, I am better able to serve my community, support my friends and family, and live at ease in my own body. How does your practice help you live in greater ease?

From a philosophical perspective, when we show up consistently to practice, to breathe, move and rest, we build TAPAS (“ta-pas” meaning discipline). When we wisely adapt our practice according to our daily variables of energy, time, and interest, we cultivate AHIMSA (“ah-him-sa” meaning compassion) and SATYA (“sa-t-ya” meaning truth). TAPAS, AHIMSA and SATYA are just three of the foundational principles to LIVING yoga on and off the mat. Although Yoga doesn’t require an allegiance or profession of agreement, it offers a rich and rewarding foundation to living a life rich with inspiration and authentic connection. For me, yoga is the practice of being me and learning to be my best self. What does Yoga mean to you? What are you practicing and how does it support who you be? I invite you to explore how yoga can help you live your best self and be your best life. Life’sWork Coaching and Training is dedicated to teaching practical applications of yoga philosophy to support you to live a life of inspiration and authenticity.

If you don’t do FaceBook, but are interested in building your personal at-home practice, this series and other guided practices will be available soon for PUBLIC ACCESS. Stay tuned!

Whatever is on your agenda today, I hope you can make the space to breathe, move and rest. Find your personal practice so you can show up as your best self!

May you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.