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In search of samasthiti

Mirrored image of woman centered

If letting go is a pre-cursor to a fresh start as I proposed in last week’s letter, then now seems perfectly appropriate to discuss #beginagain. If you missed last week’s message, you can read it HERE.

The need for a fresh start or permission to allow myself to begin again often comes at a time when I have lost my way, fallen off the path, or been distracted away from my core intention. Have you ever felt lost in your way?

When I recognize this lost-ness as my current condition, I invoke ATTENTION to return to my Center, to resume my life’s work, and to remember my INTENTION. In Yoga, we call this place, Samasthiti. Samasthiti (equal standing) is a command to attention, a stand in balanced stillness. It is the practice of standing with equal, steady, and still attention. The ACTION of samasthiti might be as simple as standing in Mountain pose. Tadasana (Mountain) is one of many postures that invokes the spirit of Samasthiti. Anajali Mudra (hands in prayer position) is a metal representation of balance and ease. Dirgha (3-part breath) reflects the energetic state of balance and facilitates the integration between body and mind.

As we stand in Tadasana and bring our hands together at heart center, we embody the idea of Samasthiti. Find this shape in your body and take a few breaths. Can you feel the balance of effort and ease? Can you allow the body, mind and energy to integrate in a quiet resolve, balanced in the moment of NOW?

For real…. stop reading, this can wait. Stand and breathe.

This is what I know as Samasthiti. The practice of Yoga helps me find and remain in this state of balance and ease… until I get distracted, of course 😉 and then, I #beginagain!

The Fall Equinox occurred this past weekend. What perfect timing to reflect on the idea of balance! The equinox is the even distribution of light and dark in our day. This video from National Geographic spells out the awesomeness of this phenomenon. I love that the Fall Equinox occurred within the same time frame as I received confirmation of our new home for Life’sWork Yoga studio and the same week I “remembered” my original intention in opening Life’sWork Yoga.

My intention for Life’sWork Yoga was to teach the principles of Transparent Alignment and to share these teachings through trainings, coaching and certification programs to help yogis of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines to integrate yoga into their daily lives and their life’s work. I share these teachings while leading practice on the mat, in holding trainings and workshops and witnessing others in their journey through Life’sWork Coaching.

What does that mean for you? It means I am going to move forward on some of the promises I’ve made to YOU and others like you over the past few years:

1) Activate Life’sWork Virtual Yoga Studio for recorded trainings and practices of asana, pranayam and meditation.

2) Re-Open Inspired Living Boot Camp for those who are ready to ignite inspiration in their daily living. Next Offering of Inspired Living Boot Camp starts TUESDAY, October 8! Early Bird rates apply through October 1.

3) LAUNCH Life’sWork Coaching Certification to equip others in the work of serving as a Companion Guide to the life’s work of others as a Life Coach.

I hope you are enriched and inspired by my life’s work but mostly, I hope that I can support you in doing yours!

Are you ready to #beginagain? Are you ready to experience Samasthit on a daily basis? Are you ready to live an Inspired Life? Let’s begin NOW!