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Why Rest?

What does it mean to rest? What does it mean to be restored?

For some it means taking a nap, or getting to bed on time for sleep, or rising with the sun! For others, it might mean taking a vigorous hike outdoors, or cleaning out the garden beds in prep for the next season’s blooms. The actions of rest could be “doings” or “non-doings”, depending on what you are recovering from.

In other words, rest is as much about restoring the physical body from work, the muscles from contracting in effort, as it is restoring the mind from decisions and problem solving. The practice of rest is to cultivate ease.

From the Yoga perspective, our practice of “rest” is an invitation to restore balance and ease, to remember who we are authentically and reconnect with the divinity that lives within. Rest is as important as the practice of moving. Our practice is intended to help us unwind that which has been bound and to move that which has been stuck. Our practice is intended to help us live better.

In fact, one might say that the purpose of Asana and Pranayam is to prepare the mind for rest so that we can journey toward Bliss, as Patanjali descibes in the eight-limb path. Perhaps, then, Yoga is more than asana, more than movement; yoga is the strategy for returning to our “natural” state of homeostasis, ease and bliss.

Transparent Alignment (TA), the original, foundational philosophy of Life’sWork Yoga, [developed by yours truly :)], is the practice of cultivating the daily habits of living from intention, by directing attention and consciously choosing wise action as often as possible. It’s the mantra of “Breathe. Move. Rest.” put into practice through the mind, body and energy in intention, attention and action. The practice helps us recover from challenge, thrive in opportunity and enjoy the ride of ups and downs. With a consistent practice we cultivate ease, an ability to ride the waves of emotion and sensation that are the inevitable challenge (and gift) of life!  Yoga helps us live well.

When was the last time you felt (or even remember feeling) at ease in your body, in the moment?

Breathe. Move. Rest. is a 25-40 minute practice to pause for breath, lubricate the 10 “joints” of the body and cultivate deep rest in a just a few minutes. When you are ready to build your daily practice of Breathe. Move. Rest, we have THREE WAYS to support you.

  1. A guided 30-day Challenge to help you build your daily practice of pranayam (breathe) asana (move), meditation (rest), building from one-minute a day!
  2. A year-long, unlimited access MINI Virtual membership designed to help you every step of the way! This mini-membership for virtual practice is intended to support you with unlimited access to adaptable daily practice of yoga, provide guidance and support in learning about your body, restoring balance and alignment, and inspiring you to the Yoga Living practice as a  strategy for living well.
  3. If you want the most bang, consider Yoga Living. A 6-month program to teach the Breathe. Move. Practice and integrate the principles and philosophy of yoga into your daily living.

Whatever you need from practice in terms of restoration (and even challenge!), we are here to support you. Need a space? Need support? Seeking guidance or direction? Not sure where to begin? Take a breath and see what shows up. With breath, we clear a path for intentional movement… of the mind, body and spirit. Breathe, Move, Rest. It’s a strategy for living vibrantly, intimately with prana.

May you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly. May you be well,